What Can I Do?

Activist Groups

Activist groups are organizations that work to raise awareness and effect change on environmental issues through various forms of direct action and advocacy. These may include protests, lobbying government officials, and organizing grassroots campaigns. Activism can take many forms such as peaceful protests, petitions, and direct action. Activist groups often focus on specific issues, such as protecting endangered species, stopping environmental destruction, or promoting renewable energy.

Whilst there are a few national groups you might have heard of, there are usually grassroots activist groups working in local areas to help affect change on a far more specific issue that take all sorts of approaches to their cause, so make sure you approach each with an open heart and mind.


Businesses can play a significant role in promoting environmental sustainability through their operations, products, and services. For-profit businesses that are committed to sustainability often focus on reducing their ecological footprint and promoting environmentally-friendly practices in their operations.

Some businesses can even be tailored specifically to developing and providing a product or service that directly helps either customers or other businesses in some aspect of sustainability or environmentalism. We’ve curated a number of businesses that meet our stringent requirements for providing a societal good, and usually this will be reflected in their commitment to training, accreditations, or overall attitude within their sector to environmentalism and sustainability more broadly.


Environmental charities are organizations that raise funds to support conservation and sustainability projects, research, and advocacy. Charities typically focus on specific areas such as wildlife protection, ecosystem conservation, or pollution reduction. 

They may also work to educate the public about environmental issues and support grassroots activists working on environmental causes. Charities can either be national or local, much like the activist groups, to help a wider issue at hand, or work alongside local authorities to address the issue by consulting the general public for feedback on local projects.

Community Groups

Community groups are organizations that bring together people who live in a specific geographic area to work on environmental issues of importance to their local community. These groups may focus on topics such as urban agriculture and allotments, reducing waste, or increasing access to green spaces.

They also may be formed around specific causes like supporting renewable energy and decreasing the use of fossil fuels. Community groups often rely on volunteer labour and support from local residents to achieve their goals.

Further/Higher Education Institutes

Further and Higher Education Institutes have a big role in promoting environmental sustainability through research and education. Many institutes provide academic programs and research opportunities in areas such as environmental science, sustainable energy, and green technology.

These institutes also typically provide resources and support for students, faculty, and staff to engage in sustainability efforts on campus and in their local communities. We have a portfolio of universities and colleges that we work with to connect people with researchers and education programmes that can help them understand the wider impact of climate change in the context of their lives


The members of the EAP community who are recognized as Greendividuals are integral to the success of our local environmental and sustainable initiatives. We take great care in carefully vetting and interviewing each to ensure that they are experts in their respective fields and can provide valuable guidance and support.

We understand that navigating the environmental and sustainability landscape can be challenging, which is why our Greendividuals serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations in their area of interest.

Our Greendividuals come from diverse backgrounds and represent a wide range of organizations, including researchers, educators, activists, business leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs. With such a diverse group of individuals, we are confident that there is a Greendividual that can help support and catalyze your involvement in the community.

Local Authorities

Local Authorities, such as Parish, District, City, and County Councils, or Primary/Secondary Schools, play a key role in promoting sustainability by developing and implementing environmental policies and programs at the local level in governance, policy, and educative settings.

These may include recycling programs, energy efficiency measures, or land-use planning to promote sustainable development, or in the case of schools, embedding sustainability and environmentalism at the heart of the curriculum. They also work in partnership with other organizations to promote sustainable development and environmental stewardship in their communities.

Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises are organizations that use business strategies to achieve a social or environmental mission. They typically generate revenue through the sale of goods or services and use the profits to fund their social or environmental programs.

Social Enterprises work in many fields, often prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility in their business models. They can also exist to promote businesses that meet certain standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, and help to bring the environmental standard of their industry up through best practice and cutting-edge research and techniques.