If an organisation is on this list, trust in the fact we are as sceptical as the rest when it comes to how committed they are to being a positive force in helping tackle the climate crisis! Rest assured, however, that these organisations go through a rigorous application programme to assure the success of the environmental and sustainable challenges we face in their respective sectors. By supporting these organisations, you are involving yourself in a fantastic community of practice, and helping to make effective change as we make our way through the climate crisis.
We recognise that many organisations may not have a complete environmental focus, and as such, we will only allow the advertisement of those parts that demonstrate their commitment to helping tackle the climate crisis. We will never, though, deal with those actively contributing the climate crisis, and these applicants will be sifted out in our application process as we question their wider organisational operations.


  • Business
Cinergi is a family-owned business with a deep commitment to sustainability and positively impacting the environment. We specialise in renewable energy installations, including heat pumps and solar panels. These technologies provide more sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions and help reduce reliance on traditional, less environmentally friendly power sources. We are passionate about our work and fully committed to delivering the best service to our customers, while also contributing to a sustainable future.

Share (Portsmouth)

  • Not-for-Profit
Share (Portsmouth) is a charity registered in England & Wales (1200905) aiming to reduce carbon, waste and raw material use through sharing, repairing and re-use. The charity has recently open a hub in Cascades Shopping Centre, Portsmouth which is the new home to Repair Café Portsmouth – helping you fix rather than ditch, and a new project Portsmouth Library of Things – why buy when you can borrow. These two projects, along with an e-waste project, help the residents of Portsmouth to save money, space and carbon.

Ethical Money

  • Business
Providing ethically focused, FCA regulated, independent financial advice to conscientious UK consumers. Helping people grow their savings while avoiding investing in unwanted sectors such as fossil fuels, weapons & tobacco (to name a few) and only investing in well run businesses that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As pert of our service we offer a free review of existing investments to determine where your money is invested (where possible – transparency is not widespread in the industry!), historical performance, fees and charges so you know more about what you have before deciding if moving to ethical investments is the right thing to do. Studies suggest that moving the average UK pension pot from traditional investments to sustainable funds is 21x more effective at reducing carbon emissions than giving up flying, going veggie and switching to a green energy provider – combined.


  • Business
DecarbonEaser is your climate education partner helping raise awareness and engagement within your organisation. Knowing and acting to decarbonise our world is the challenge of our generation. Employees demand to be actors and support their organisation deliver real solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. It all starts with having the right knowledge and alignment to create new purpose resulting in new opportunities.


  • Business
BambooWorx is a sustainable marketing consultancy that embodies a people, planet, and profit mantra to help businesses make a positive impact in the digital age. Founded by Meredith Odgers, marketing ‘lifer’ and global citizen, she felt it was time to bring her profession (marketing), purpose (sustainability) and passion (technology & fintech) together to support purpose-led projects and transform businesses to attract, retain and grow customers sustainably. BambooWorx works with financial services and technology businesses using its tried and tested “responsible marketing, sustainable growth” model to set strategy, scale commercial productivity, launch new products, enter new markets, and advises on strategic projects all grounded by responsible marketing and sustainable business growth.

Bikex Winchester

  • Business
At BikeX, you ll find a great variety of pre-owned cycles for every discipline. We take the stress and hassle out of buying a pre-owned cycle so you get more bike and less stress. Browse our selection of gravel, road, MTB, hybrid or kids bikes, or spares & accessories. Or feel free to chat with our passionate and knowledgeable staff. Or simply hop onto one of our Zwift bikes and get a virtual ride in.v

Projects Store + Kitchen Winchester

  • Business
Located in the vibrant center of historic Winchester, we’re home to over thirty independent local traders offering a cornucopia of vintage and hand-made gifts, housewares, and collectibles. we’re also home to a great kitchen – where you’ll find delicious fresh & ethically sourced food, excellent coffee, and great conversation.