Communities are the backbone to any environmental mission. The groups that you find on here may be a part of well known groups, but many operate at a decentralised level, helping to gear members of their community with the skills and abilities to help tackle the climate crisis, and are integral to the success of our local environmental and sustainable initiatives. We encourage anyone, from any background to engage with their community groups to get a real feel for what is going on in their local area.
From a wide diversity of backgrounds, these community groups represent a wide range of missions, including activists, charities, and local groups. With such a rich and established group, don't worry about reinventing the wheel! We have many people here that can help support and catalyse your part in mitigation the climate crisis.

New Leaf Alresford

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New Leaf offers local information and guidance, encouraging our community to adopt the positive changes needed to tackle climate change, promote sustainability and protect our local environment and wildlife. Find out why it is time to turn over a New Leaf and what we can do in our day to day lives to help tackle climate change. We will show you how to get started, and you can use our assessment and checklists to help you on your journey. Discover the local resources available and find out what others within our community are doing to support sustainability. We all need to work together and do our bit in the fight against climate change, so join in and turn over a New Leaf today!