Behind The Scenes

Stuart Evans

If you’re passionate about the environment, nature, and the eco-system we call our home – then get involved with those working on the front lines of change and peaceful climate-protest. Meet like-minded climate activists that are pushing for change and helping heal our earth. 

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My Story

Before becoming involved in any kind of academia or the climate crisis, for a little over a decade I was a touring musician, gigging all over the UK and Europe whilst balancing a sales executive position in music retail. By the time I exited the industry, I had made my way up from a Saturday worker and occasional open-mic goer, to managing piano and guitar departments and becoming an in-demand artist in the Southeast of England.

Since then, however, I’ve thrown myself into university life as a mature, first-generation university student. I have exceeded any personal expectations of myself that I had before joining, and surprised with how involved I’ve become in my studies and extracurricular activities.

A pressing field of study that I am building the ethos of the EAP around is that of Critical Animal Studies.

CAS situates itself in the heart of intersectionality, constantly questioning the status quo of our treatment of the natural world and its inhabitants. I believe that at the current rate of environmental decline, there is no time for incremental change, only great leaps forward in our ability to care for, and help repair our planet. This is why any animal activist group or charity we work with must be 100% vegan in its approach, and why we do not take money from exploitative industries.

Youth-LEd Climate Assembly

Alongside some sterling work from WinACC and various members of the community, I had the pleasure of being the co-convenor for Winchester’s first-ever Youth-Led Climate Assembly. 

A panel of seven expert contributors, two senior local councillors and the Mayor of Winchester District, Cllr Vivian Achwal also took part in the Assembly. The Assembly was introduced by Professor Robert Beckford, Director of the University of Winchester’s Institute for Climate and Social Justice. Other speakers included Megan Streb of Sustrans South, Katie Campling of Earthian Winchester, Guy Derwent of Guy Derwent Architects, Sam Watts of Winchester Food Partnership and Tammi Sinha of Wessex Green Hub

Participants between the ages of 16-30 years old came together to make suggestions to put to the local and county councils in Winchester and Hampshire, citing a desperate need for policy adjustment in the battle against climate change.

COP26 Delegation

An experience I will never forget will be my first experience of mass climate action in Glasgow for COP26. It was a beautifully vibrant, and deeply poignant adventure with some incredibly climate-passionate students joining me.
I had approached Professor Robert Beckford earlier that year to ask about new climate-orientated opportunities that the students could get involved in. One thing led to another and it was decided that this would be the event to celebrate the inauguration of the newly established Institute for Climate and Social Justice.
The profound impact of mass activism such as this has stayed with me to this day. I experienced learning events far beyond my expectations, met awe-inspiring speakers and exchanged ideas that still excite me to this day.
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Journey to Net Zero

Alongside my studies at the university, from 2019 to 2022 I founded and Co-Chaired the Student Sustainability Society. We took part in many aspects of the university’s climate pledges and held them accountable to those goals.
One such goal was their journey to Net Zero, which I was proud to be featured in their press video explaining the hard work and dedication the university undertakes in reducing its carbon footprint.
In my final year of studies, I am stepping down as Co-Chair to focus my efforts on my course, however, I still hope to be as involved in climate-orientated events and committees around the university.